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Monday, March 12, 2012

Bike Commuting Update

I'd like to make an effort to track progress on my monthly commuting miles for 2012 (see goals here).

In order to hit 1500 commuting miles for the year, I'll need to average ~30 miles/week. I got a late start in January, so I had a little bit of ground to make up.

January: (didn't start until the 1/12)
Target = 125 miles
Actual = 86.3 miles

Target = 125 miles
Actual = 174.6 miles  

For the year, that's 260.9 miles commuting by bike (target YTD = 250 miles). Rough math says that I've saved about $52.00 in gasoline costs ($3.40/gal of gas @ 17mpg avg for my Toyota Tacoma). Technically, since we are a one-car family right now, my wife would be dropping me off at work a lot of days, which means 2 round trips per day instead of 1...and twice the mileage on the truck. It's not a stretch to say that bike commuting has saved my family close to $100 so far this year.

As an added benefit, I get a chance to get in a good frame of mind before getting to work, or unwind a bit from a rough day before I set foot in my house. It's hard to be in a bad mood after a bike ride!

If anyone is thinking about giving bike commuting a try, I'd highly encourage you to do it. Shoot me a message or leave a comment if you have questions and I can try and help you get started. There are certainly obstacles, but with a little work they are easy to overcome.

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