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Thursday, March 8, 2012

2012 Fitness Goals (well kinda)

Well, it's March and I still haven't put my goals out there for people to see...that can't be good. I've learned in the past that if I have something I'd like to achieve but have doubts about whether I can, I tend to be more successful if I do the following:
  1. Write it down - usually this consists of me making some notes in Notepad or Word that I revisit a few times and refine them.
  2. Tell my wife, family, and close friends what I'm thinking - these conversations usually help with that refinement in what is actually realistic...or can keep me from setting goals too easy for myself.
  3. Go public! - by posting my goals here I'm essentially allowing anyone who wants to follow my progress and see whether I achieve them or FAIL. So, here we go.
So, 2011 I focused on triathlon and set metrics for each sport based on total distance for the year (see my 2011 fitness goals and how I did here). With 2012 I'm taking a slightly different approach. Partly because my focus is a little different now that I'm a dad and partly because all my goals aren't fixed "measurable" goals. However, I'm changing my focus to things that I'm really enjoying and having a lot of fun with lately.

Fitness-wise, for 2012, I'd like to focus on 3 things: commuting by bicycle, mountain biking, and weight lifting.

1500 miles  (~30 miles/wk average)

Mountain Biking:
Ride as often as I can and have a blast doing it!

Weight Lifting:
Target 3 workouts/week through May (This one is really more for my wife than for me...well not really, but she's really excited about it. I'll re-evaluate in June if this is something I really want to continue for the whole year).

This year will be different for me because I do not have a single RACE on my calendar. Now, I have ideas and dreams of events I'd like to do, but there are no actual plans to race. I'll have to see how this goes because being such a competitive person really drives me to train harder and achieve more. I do intend to continue some running and maybe even some swimming too, I'm just not setting goals around those activities.


  1. Solid goals! But you forgot to put "successfully crew a 130 mile running adventure." :)

    1. Haha! pack the Ouachita Trail!